NUBE President: ‘Mergers and acquisition continues to pose a threat’

PORT DICKSON: NUBE President, Bro Michael Tan urged that unions bargaining agenda will have to include employment protection, working hours and patterns, skills and retraing opportunities.

“While the Banks and government boasts at being the front line of the digital revolution nothing is being said about jobs and the impact and how we protect workers who may be displaced by technology,” he said.

In his speeach at a special forum in conjuction with the 23rd Triennial Delegates Conference here today, Bro Tan said, “in addition to above, mergers and acquisition continues to pose a threat as records has shown retrenchments follows usually by the form of VSS after mergers.”

“As NUBE membership dwindles the survival of the union becomes paramount,” he said.

Bro Tan further said the current pending merger between RHB and AmBank according to a news report from FMT dated June 2017 it was reported that thousands may lose their jobs arises from this merger.

“Once again NUBE will have to face this challenge of uncertainty.”

He said another challege NUBE is facing is with the increase of court cases where some cases were brought up to the federal court.

“It is therefore important that NUBE finances are strong,” he added.

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