NUBE KLSP Charity Drive for Deepavali 2017 will be held on Friday, 27 October 2017 at PC Gomez Hall.

Siddharthan Care Centre is our focus this year.

The Centre houses children aged from 6 to 19 and they need financial assistance and basic necessities.

Basic food needed are:

1. White Rice
2. Sugar and Creamer
3. Milo
4. Milk/Tea/Coffee Powder
5. Condense Milk
6. Egg
7. Dal
8. Wheat Flour
9. Curry powder Meat/Fish
10. Dry Chili Powder
11. Anchovies

Basic home and personal items needed are:

1. Floor Cleaner
2. Dish Washer
3. Bathroom Cleaner
4. Colgate
5. Shower Gel/Hair Shampoo
6. Garbage Bag
7. Soap

Recreational items needed are:

1. Balls
2. Badminton Racket, shuttlecock and net.

Basic Medication needed are:

– Fever medicine
– Flu Medicine (Adult & Child)
– Minyak Cap Kapak
– Listerin, Vicks
– Plaster
– Eye / Ear Drops

Your generous contribution would be very much appreciated.

All contributions can be forwarded to NUBE KLSP Committees Bro Saifulizan and Bro T. Sethupathy. Kindly contact them at 03 2272 5281.

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