International Women’s Day at NUBE

International Women’s Day at NUBE
8 March 2017

The opportunity to host a group of 50 women and 10 men at NUBE today in conjunction with the International Women’s Day in NUBE was used to organise A Seminar: EMPOWER WOMEN; EMPOWER A NATION.

The aim of the seminar was to create awareness amongst the participants, that the International Women’s Day was not just meant to celebrate women instead, it is a reminder of the women’s struggles and sacrifices centuries ago to give labour, women in particular, the respect and dignity they deserved. The seminar was a combination of a forum in the morning and a brain storming session in the afternoon to map out an action plan for women in the banking industry in the afternoon.

Resource persons present;

Pn Nurul Hasanah, Suhakam Deputy Secretary of Policy, Law and Complaints Group spoke about the various local and international instruments available on women’s rights yet, those that were far from reach despite its inception years ago.

Pn Aegile Fernandez, Director of Tenaganita, touched on the fundamental of all religion; its teaching to care for another which is also the foundation on which Unions are built. She urged women to decide and make their very own plans to be active in the union which will be the foundation for women to be knowledgeable, independent and lead other women.

Pn Revathi Ramachandran, Maternity/Parental Protection & Gender Coordinator for World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) touched on the human rights and rights of a child that is interrelated and interdependent to the right to adequate food and to the highest attainable standard of health and the 12 components in this aspect.

Last but not least, our very own NUBE Asst. General Secretary, Sis A Karuna emphasised that the International Women Day is not just a day meant to celebrate women but it is a day for women’s rights and she touched on the need for women to-get-together for collective decision making on women issues. She also highlighted the many areas of violence and discrimination against women and women’s health issues that must be looked at collectively, at a macro level in the banking industry and the country.

The women and men in the seminar made three issues loud and clear; there were insufficient emphasis for women’s safety and health in the banking industry, work load on heavily pregnant mothers and lactation rights – facility and time off.

Bro J Solomon, NUBE General Secretary and Secretary General of the Malaysian TUC who officiated the Seminar urged the women to take on a more active role in the union and assured them of the union’s support and resources to promote women’s rights and address issues troubling them at the work place.

Bro Razik Shah, former Chairman of Sri Lankan Merchant Bank and President of Ceylon Bank Employees Union conducted the brainstorming session to draft the action plan.

The Seminar was a big success and the participants, both women and men now look forward to the activities they collectively planned.

NUBE wishes to thank Pn Nurul Hasanah, Pn Aegile Fernandez, Pn Revathy Ramachandran and Bro Razik Shah for their valuable inputs.

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