HSBC is throwing out workers! 

HSBC is throwing out workers!
4 July 2017

In the guise of Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS), HSBC is once again targeting to send out workers in the lowest income group whilst simultaneously hiring new workers to replace them.

HSBC says the VSS is purely voluntary but workers are threatened and intimidated to accept the VSS or be subjected to vindictive transfers.

The Head of Human Resources Department, Mr. Callister Koh attempted to mislead an active Union representative, Bro. Sethu to accept the VSS. Mr. Callister Koh told Bro Sethu that times are bad in the Bank and in Malaysia. Mr. Callister Koh went further to say that many people are talking bad about Malaysia as such he suggested the simplest solution, that is to migrate to Australia or any other country. He also said that this was the directive of the Group.

Such actions by the Head of Human Resources of a foreign bank in Malaysia is irresponsible. It is a blatant attempt of undermining the status of the economy and Malaysians at large and completely unacceptable.

Bro. Sethu rejected the VSS, he has now been issued a transfer letter to a branch which requires him to travel 60km from his current workstation. The Bank is now busy outsourcing his job functions to a Company. The employees of the said Company are functioning full time in the premises of the Bank. This is a classic form of replacing permanent workers with 3rd party contract workers who literally will have no rights what so ever.

Despite Bro. Sethu’s appeal against the unilateral, arbitrary transfer and his critical health condition amongst others, the bank is adamant to implement the transfer.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. HSBC is also committing many corrupt practices such as ignoring the fundamental principles of good industrial relations that existed two years ago. The former HR management built on good industrial relations. Yet, the present HR Management led by this Mr. Callister Koh is carrying out many exploitative exercises that clearly demonstrated the suppressive and bullying approach of HSBC, contrary to creating a favourable employer-employee working relationship.

In addition, HSBC is carrying on breaching the provisions of the legally binding Collective Agreement (CA) between NUBE and One HSBC, Outsourcing & Restructuring Agreement between HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad and NUBE, targeting to victimize the lowest income category of workers in HSBC.

WE MUST STOP THESE CORRUPT PRACTICES! Remember; Union is the only check and balance over corrupt, greedy, bullying corporations.

Let us unite; unite to fight HSBC, to fight for BRO SETHU and for you.

One for all and all for one.


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