The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has called upon the government to emulateKuala Lumpur City Hall’s free bus services programme for schooling children from B40 and M40 households, nationwide.

In its Budget 2018 proposal to the Finance Ministry, MTUC called the government’s attention for the need to implement the Free School Bus programme nationwide as cost for school bus services to shuttle children to and from school had become one major household expense.

MTUC Secretary General J. Solomon said in a brief survey conducted among lower income earners with a family of three children, it was found that they spend about RM2,000 annually for school bus services for their children.

“In some cases, school bus fares take about 10% of the salary of each spouses monthly,” he said.

While MTUC appreciating Kuala Lumpur City Hall efforts to provide Free Bus Service to schooling children from PPR flats, it was important that the government recognised the same was necessary nationwide.

“We estimate about 6,500 parents will benefit from this scheme that will reduce the challenges for pupils commuting between home and school.

“With this service, it must be acknowledged that Malaysia is one of the 28 countries that provide free public transport,’ said Solomon.

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