Bank Muamalat trying to get rid of some workers

July 20, 2016

Bank Muamalat is trying to get rid of some of its lowliest workers by — promoting them.

In a diabolical and manipulative move that makes cruelty look like kindness, Bank Muamalat is forcing promotions to clerical grade upon its Messengers.
Will it improve their lives? No, the promotion comes with no increase in salary or benefits.
Is it legal? Definitely not. The meaningless promotions are against the workers’ wishes and in direct violation of the MCBA/NUBE Cooperative Agreement. The bank has also not called for applications for promotion, instead ‘promoting’ specific workers’.

In 2015, Bank Muamalat offered a VSS to these same workers. When they declined to accept, the bank transferred them to distant stations, separating them from their families, hoping that some would quit their jobs to avoid the hardship.

But members resisted the transfers with NUBE’s support, and now the bank has a new strategy of forced promotions.
Those who accept will be ‘officially’ transferred to distant locations and lives of misery, separated from their families and forced to incur the costs of maintaining a second home. Those who refuse to accept will simply lose their jobs.

This ruthless behavior towards its Muslim employees comes from an Islamic bank supposedly committed to the noble Islamic principles of compassion and humane behavior.
Imam Arif Aizat Bin Abdul Razak, Imam of the Masjid Hashim Yahya, says, “According to Islam, a man’s duty is towards his family and parents. Employers and leaders must support the oppressed and the poor to carry out their duties towards their wives, children and parents.”
NUBE will continue to resist and oppose the Bank Muamalat’s mercenary and harsh actions, and is working hard to bring the workers back to their families and normals jobs.

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